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There are emergency dentists on Kiraly Utca. Towards the river from the Ring Road. Not tried them but they are there and open 24/7 I think. I have used a dentist close to Nyugati station for an emergency filling once and she was great. Her website is


Details of hospitals and Doctors are in LP. Fortunately we have not had to try them out yet. There is a chemist on Bacso Bela Utca. Turn right out of the building, first right again at the mini supermarket, then first left. The chemist is at the end of the street opposite the back of McDonalds.

Days Out

  • Szentendre is a good day trip and easy to reach. Take the HEV train from Battyhany Ter. You will need to buy a ticket before you get on the train but show your pass – if you have one – as it will get you a discount to the city limits.

  • The Children’s railway is good. Look in Lonely Planet for details of how to get there – tram to Szell Kalman Ter, another tram for 2 stops, then cogwheel railway (all covered by your travel pass), then the train. Best to get off after about three stops, walk in the hills, up to the tower and take the chairlift down the hill. Then take the bus back to Szell Kalman Ter. Everything apart from the children’s railway and chairlift is covered by your travel pass. If it’s windy the chairlift doesn’t always work. A faster way up the hill is to take bus 21 or 21a from Szell Kalman Ter. Get off at Normafa or just before.

  • Statue Park – now called Memento park and sometimes Szoborpark is OK for half a day.  A batch of communist statues are kept here. To get there using public transport catch the tram no. 49 to Kosztolányi Dezső tér (or metro 4 to nearby Moricz Zsigmund Korter and walk a little) and change to the bus no. 150.

  • Vac (train from Nyugati station) is ok for a day out if the weather’s nice. Great (and I mean great) hot chocolate in the café on the main square. As you approach the square from the train station take an immediate left and it’s in the corner.

  • Esztergom is a good day out. Nice town and the Basilica is worth a trip to. Recommend this one.

  • Visegrad is worth a trip if you fancy a walk up to the castle – about 30 mins uphill from the main town and great views when you get there. There’s a nice pizza place right next to the church in town that does good and very affordable food. For something more adventurous try out the Canopy Tour where you glide through the forest on a wire. Great fun..

  • The Labyrinth near the Castle area that’s worth a trip. The address is 9 Uri Utca – 2 minutes walk from the church in the castle area. It’s all a bit creepy and the bit in the dark towards the end particularly so.

  • For a full day out, Bratislava in Slovakia is good. There are 4 or 5 trains a day from Keleti station and a return costs about 17 Euros. It takes 2 ½ hours each way. We caught the 9.30 train out and the 18.45 back and that was plenty of time. If you need Euros, change money at Bratislava station either at the exchange bureau or cash machine.

  • Eger is a great full day out. It's a really pleasant city, with plenty to see - the usual stuff like a Basilica, a castle, great buildings, squares and the like but the icing on the cake (for us!) was "The Valley of the Beautiful Women". Essentially it's a collection of wine cellars about a mile or so out of town. Some have outside terraces, some consist of just a couple of tables inside. It's great late afternoon on a sunny summer day but I'm not sure how it works in the winter. We wish we had stayed the night. For a day trip, take a direct train from Keleti Station.


There are several spa baths….Gellert, Szechenyi and Rudas are all popular. They all have indoor/outdoor pools and areas so are good in both winter and summer. Rudas has men-only and women-only days so check on their website to see what’s happening on any particular day.  

Budapest Beach

The beach is in a park area called Kopaszi Gat about 30 minutes away on the side of the Danube. If you fancy escaping the city and want to sit in the sun or take a walk then it's worth a trip. To get there from the apartment take the tram to Boraros ter at the river. Then take the number 2 tram heading out of the city, with the river on your right, 3 stops to the end of the line. Walk back 100 yards or so, UNDER Rakoczi bridge and then take the steps up - you want to cross the Danube at this point. Take the 103 bus for 1 stop across the river. Once you are off the bus the park is 100 metres or so in front of you over the road.

There are pathways, gardens, seating areas in a pleasant park. There are a couple of reasonably priced cafes but it's probably best to take food and drinks if you plan to be there a while. There are public toilets dotted around.

When returning, once you are over the bridge, take a look at the Millenium theatre - there's a bar outside in the summer - and walk up the little tower next to the maze for views into the city.

British Embassy

The British Embassy is at Harmincad Utca 6, Budapest 1051.


There are plenty of cinemas dotted around. For details of films shown in English and other entertainment take a look at and

Post Office

Over the main road and about 200 yards to the left.

Money Changing

There are stacks of ATMs around.  The closest one is in Erste Bank, downstairs. One near McDonalds at Blaha Lujsa Ter and a couple on the main road to the left when you come out of the flat. If you want to change cash there’s a small exchange bureau close to Kalvin Ter , opposite the Tesco Express on Lonyay Utca that offers good rates and has proved reliable.

If you can avoid it, DON’T change money in the baggage-claim area or in the main concourse at the airport, or inside the train stations as they give awful rates - about 15-20% lower than in town. If you need money, then change just a little until you are in the city.

Book Shop

Red Bus on Semmelweis Utca (close to Astoria Metro and parallel to Karoly Korut) has a good selection of second-hand English reading material. Books tend to cost around £2-£3 and are in good condition. Closed Sunday.


There’s a supermarket – and a good market – in the market hall on Rakoczi Ter. Out of the front door, turn left and left again and the market is ahead of you. It’s ok for buying basics and there’s a good bread shop in the market.. There is a small 24/7 supermarket in the building so it is useful if you arrive late and need supplies.

There are two bigger supermarkets near Blaha Lujsa Ter – Spar and Match.

Just beyond Keleti Metro station is a huge, modern shopping mall (Arena Plaza) with a big Tesco and stacks of clothes shops. If the weather’s not too good and you fancy a look round the shops then this is a good choice. There are plenty of cafes too.


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